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The Small Town Marketing Revolution

The Small Town Marketing Revolution


Every small town has websites, Facebook Pages and Facebook Groups. Every business is listed on a myriad of different platforms and many have their own websites. It can become very daunting for a small business to manage all this information.

There are so many services that a business can use to market itself, but the majority of them are either aimed at international audiences, large cities or on the opposite scale, local residents. A business in a small town has basically two options. Use the platforms designed for big cities such as Tripadvisor and Foursquare or use the local marketing tools that will reach mainly residents and existing customers. Most of the South African coastal towns depend on tourism in order to survive. It’s a seasonal challenge because the rest of the time the business has to survive by selling to the local community.

This mix is difficult to achieve because costs don’t go down just because the tourists have left. It is also for this reason that small towns have a higher turnover in businesses than larger towns. They struggle to become sustainable throughout the entire year. A new service has just been launched in Hessequa that addresses these challenges. Top Twenty is about marketing businesses to visitors as well as local residents by providing the functionality that both visitors and local residents need all the time. It’s not just a place where businesses are listed or another version of the Yellow Pages. It’s a unique concept in small-town marketing that actually works.

The key differentiators are that it’s free for all businesses and always will be. It’s free to list your business on Top Twenty and that includes using all the functionality it offers. It takes a few minutes to become listed on top Twenty. Once you’re listed you can customise you own page by adding photos and choosing colour schemes. You can market your business for free by adding special offers that will be shown to all Top Twenty users.

If your business has already been added you can claim it so that you can manage the information. Your listing is then available to be viewed by anyone searching for your service. But Top Twenty is not just another local search engine. Another key differentiator is the fact that users can Rate and Review your services. This is very important because studies have shown that potential customers trust a business up to 12-times more if it has reviews and ratings.

For local residents Top Twenty offers a myriad of tools that they use daily. These include accurate local weather, tidal forecasts, local news and most importantly the ability to save businesses to their own contacts list. All the businesses that you use on a regular basis are stored in one place.

By rating and reviewing your local businesses anonymously you will help everyone to identify those businesses that strive for excellence, provide good services and are serious about customer service.

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